Notary Services for Car Titles

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Notary Services for Car Titles

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In addition to our wide range of notarial services, we specialize in notarizing car titles for those in need of this specific type of transaction. We’re here to make your life easier, whether you’re selling a car, buying one, or dealing with any transaction that requires a notarized car title.

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How It Works

Initial Contact
Reach out to us to schedule an appointment, ensuring that all parties involved are aware of the need for a notarized car title.
Bring your car title and any additional required documents to the appointment. Ensure that all parties have valid identification.
We will review the car title, verify the identities of the parties involved, and place our notary stamp on the title.
Flexibility for Future Transfer
With the title now notarized, the buyer can proceed to transfer the title into their name at a later date, without requiring the presence of the seller. This is ideal for scenarios where schedules don't align or one party resides in a different state.
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Our service eliminates the need for both parties to be present during the title transfer, offering flexibility and convenience for all involved.


Notarization adds a layer of verification and legal assurance to the transaction, protecting both buyer and seller.


Our services are especially useful for those who conduct business outside of regular hours, ensuring that the transaction can proceed without delay.

Believe In Property Solutions

Why Choose Us


Our team is well-versed in the laws and regulations surrounding car title transactions, ensuring a smooth and compliant process.


We offer flexible scheduling to accommodate your needs, making it easy to get your car title notarized even outside of typical business hours.

Peace of Mind

With our service, you don’t have to worry about coordinating schedules or traveling long distances for a title transfer.

Get Started Today

Don’t let scheduling conflicts or geographic distance complicate your car title transfer. Contact us now to schedule your notarization and experience the ease and convenience that our specialized service provides.

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